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Index for Marriage Records 1818-1969

This digital index was developed from the original indexes created by Kathy Niedergeses and former archives staff. Marriages from 1969 to the present will be added to the database in the future.

Note: When searching for full names, use: Last Name, First Name (or initial)

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Groom Bride Type Day Month Year
York, Herman Hughes, Lizzie L 15 May 1927
York, James Due East, Mary E. * 8 March 1846
York, Joe Atkison, Maggie E. L 2 July 1913
York, Meradith Smith, Martha BL 25 August 1859
York, Mertie Waters, Velma L 10 May 1936
York, William Atkisson, Candus 26 December 1901
Young, Andrew Jackson Jones, Mary Ann L 6 May 1967
Young, B. F. Howard, Mary H. L 2 October 1890
Young, B. H. Ross, Dora L 12 June 1925
Young, E. V. Marshall, Vera Bethel L 11 June 1936
Young, H. B. Brewer, Ruth Eva L 22 December 1932
Young, Joel Lane Ingram, Oma L 11 August 1934
Young, John Willoughbey, Sally BL 3 March 1832
Young, John F. Crosthwaite, H. H. BL 26 November 1878
Young, Loran R. Tingle, Ora Marie L 10 July 1949
Young, Orion Birdyshaw, Olla L 4 May 1929
Young, Robert Cody, Ader L 17 December 1924
Young, Robert E. James, Hessie L 21 December 1940
Young, Rolley Carrell, Fannie BL 30 October 1877
Young, W. E. Young, Mary L 19 May 1935
Young, W. T. Slaughter, Talma L 13 July 1929
Young, Walter Lee McDowan, Francis Pauline L 27 June 1936
Young, William McMillon, Mary BL 27 January 1859
Young, Willie James Neal, Ann Shirley L 6 August 1969
Youngblood, Elmer Bearden, Fleetie L 30 August 1923
Youree, Joe Fred Pennington, Alberta Mae L 7 January 1956
Zeigler, William Earl Matthews, Katherine Green L 18 August 1951
Zettler, Donald Charles Simbeck, Hilda Marie L 26 December 1953
Zettler, John Markus, Dora BL 1 May 1883
Zettler, Peter Bosheirs, Doisy (Daisy) L 25 December 1900
Zills, J. Z. Conway, Maggie L 25 March 1900
Zimmerman, J. H. King, M. J. BL 15 December 1881
Zimmerman, Lee Wilson, Estella May L 14 July 1912
Zimmerman, Willie Roy Hull, Margaret Ann L 23 June 1956
Zook, Dan J. Gingerich, Katie L 22 October 1953
Zook, Dennis L. Yoder, Amanda S. L 8 September 1966
Zook, Eli L. Gingerich, Annie U. L 9 December 1965
Zook, Joseph J. Gingerich, Katie H. L 15 December 1955
Zook, Peter Yoder, Mary L 27 December 1951
Zosel, Melvin Shay, N. L. L 17 January 1920
Zurline, George Koelsch, Mary BL 14 February 1882
Zurline, Hermon Lamprecht, Sophia L 23 February 1886
Zweil, Fred Franklin, Eva Lee L 17 January 1931