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The Lawrence County Archives is the home of the county’s permanent and historical records. As well as preserving and protecting these records for future generations, our mission is to make them as accessible as possible to historians, genealogists, researchers, and all the citizens of our county and state. This website has been designed with that goal foremost in mind.

Vital Records
and All Records
c. 1997 - Present

Most records less than 25 years old are housed in their originating office, not the Archives.

Birth and death certificates are available through your local county health department or the Tennessee Office of Vital Records

Some older birth and death certificates are available from the Tennessee State Library and Archives.

The Archives does hold a few historical birth and death records in other forms, including school records, about which you can contact us for more information.

For marriages after 2000, contact the Lawrence County Clerk or the Tennessee Office of Vital Records.

For divorces after 1970, contact the Clerk & Master or the Tennessee Office of Vital Records.

For marriages performed in Lawrence County before 1999, the Archives can provide a certified copy of records. Please search our database, submit a request, or contact the Archives. 

For divorces prior to 1970, records may be held by either the Archives or the courthouse. Please contact the Archives for more information.  

For deeds after 1998 to the present, contact the Register of Deeds.

For tax records, contact the Assessor of Property. Also see the TN Property Viewer

The Archives does not hold surveys of individual properties, except for those included in deeds and one donated collection of a surveyor’s personal files up to 2012.

The Archives’ holdings include Lawrence County deeds on microfilm up to 1998 (for warranty deeds) and 1992 (for trust deeds), for which you can visit the archives, submit a research request or contact us. For many deeds prior to 1900, see our database and our guide to Lawrence County Records on FamilySearch and Ancestry.

For historical tax records held by the Archives, see our list of holdings or contact the Archives.

Note: While we can provide copies of requested deeds and perform deed searches for historical purposes, we cannot perform legal title searches or offer legal advice. For these and related matters, please contact an attorney’s office or title search company.

For court records after 1995, contact the appropriate court office:

Circuit Court Clerk

Clerk & Master

Online Court Records Search

For earlier records, see our database and holdings, submit a research request, or contact the Archives.

Adoption records in TN are sealed, and access varies based on the date of the adoption and other factors. The Archives cannot provide access to any adoption records except to the appropriate state agency or by court order. For further information see TN Post-Adoption Services and the Post Adoption/Access to Sealed Records Practice and Procedure Manual.

Please contact your local police department, the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Department, or the relevant court.

How to Obtain Vehicle Crash Reports

The Archives does not issue or keep records of building or utilities permits. We cannot provide information about how to apply for them. Please contact your local issuing agency for their records.

Two websites that may be helpful are: 

City of Lawrenceburg Planning & Development

TN State Permits


In some cases, we may have related historical records, such as maps. Contact the Archives for more information.

For Genealogists and Historians

On This Website

We’ve designed this website to provide you with access to as many of our indexes, records, and other information about the Archives and research in Lawrence County as possible. 

If you prefer to do your research online, you’ll find a list of our fully searchable databases below.  If your search is successful, you can select those records to add to your cart. When your research is complete, the “View Request” button will take you to a form to request copies or more information about your chosen records.

Some Lawrence County records have been digitized and are hosted on other websites. For a guide to finding these records on FamilySearch,, and elsewhere, see “Where can I find digitized records?” below. 

If you are able to visit the Archives in person, you can find information for planning your visit and lists of many of the resources available in our research room in the next column, under “At the Archives.” 

Cemetery, Marriage, and Obituary indexes can be searched by name (marriages by date), and copies of the actual record can be requested.

The Court database contains the every-name indexes for the majority of our processed loose court records. The Deed database consists of every-name indexes for Deed Bks. A – H and will be expanded in the future. These databases can be sorted by court and type of record, searched by name and date, and include listed roles, relationships and property information whenever available.

Many Lawrence County records, including digitized microfilm, are available through other websites, including FamilySearch,, and others. Digitized Records Online is a list of available resources, direct links, and other information on accessing these records. Our Family History Library includes links to free online editions whenever possible. Similar links will be added to the Research Library catalog in the future. 

Many historical maps of Lawrence County can be found in various locations on the internet, including some of those most requested at the Archives.  Links and descriptions will be available on our Map (Under Construction) page.

The TNGenWeb Cemetery Database maintains a map of many of Lawrence County’s cemeteries.  Cemetery listings and maps are also available for Giles, Maury, Lewis, and Wayne counties.

At the Archives

The Archives are located in Leoma, TN, just south of Lawrenceburg. Our regular hours are Monday through Friday, 8:00am to 4:30pm.

See Visiting the Archives for more information about our hours, directions, and policies for onsite researchers.

Our Collections

The following are available for viewing in our research room. If you cannot visit the Archives, copies of many of our records are available via research request.

The majority of the records housed at the Archives consist of loose records from the county’s courts including, but not limited to:

  • Wills

  • Deeds

  • Estate settlements

  • Marriages

  • Court petitions – county, chancery, and circuit

  • Many other court related documents

As well as:

  • Bound record books from county government offices, including marriage, deed, tax, and court minute books

  • Indexes created by the Archives for these records

List of Frequently Used Records

The Archives has an extensive collection of microfilm, including deed books and other property records, court minutes, probate records, and local newspapers. 


Our genealogical section consists of more than 275 published and manuscript family histories, and files on more than 2000 surnames, which can include donated research, research by Archives staff, copies of original records, photographs, and other information.  

Genealogy Resources

Many books, periodicals, and compilations of historical research are available for use in our research room. These include the print versions of the indexes available on this website, as well as other indexes, histories of various Lawrence Co. communities and other local topics, genealogical and historical sources for our surrounding counties and states, and many others. 

Research Library

Our microfilm collection includes most surviving Lawrence Co. newspapers, including the Democrat-Union and the Lawrence County Advocate up to 1999. These are available for browsing on a digital viewer in our research room. Appointments are encouraged to ensure the station is free.


A full list of maps in our collection, and an index to our map of 1800s landowners will be available in the future.  

Digitized Maps Available Online (Under Construction)

These files may include research and other information on many local topics, including churches, businesses, historical events, prominent residents, and many others. A complete list will be available on this website in the future.

Our many other collections include yearbooks for local high schools, city directories, various donated collections, and photographs of historical homes, schools, and businesses. Please submit a research request or contact the archives with any questions.

Partial List of Other Holdings

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