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Index for Marriage Records 1818-1969

This digital index was developed from the original indexes created by Kathy Niedergeses and former archives staff. Marriages from 1969 to the present will be added to the database in the future.

Note: When searching for full names, use: Last Name, First Name (or initial)

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Groom Bride Type Day Month Year
Aaron, Charles E. Featherstone, Estherlene L 12 May 1934
Aaron, Charles E. Vincent, Susie Mae L 22 April 1939
Aaron, Clifford Lee King, Jimmie Nell L 7 January 1950
Aaron, Clyde Featherston, Roby Lou L 3 August 1935
Aaron, Clyde Martin, Nomia L 28 May 1928
Aaron, Joe Douglass Pigg, Bethel Ramona L 10 January 1959
Abbey, Alfred Edward Parkes, Sara Louise L 18 October 1952
Abbott, James Morgan Stotser, Billie Joann L 16 October 1955
Abbott, Ronald Dewayne Burdett, Evelyn Josephine L 24 December 1961
Abel, Peter Schneider, Anna BL 14 November 1876
Abercrombie, Al Stone, Helen Dura L 23 November 1931
Abercrombie, Autie R. Stout, Myrtle J. L 6 July 1940
Abercrombie, F. R. Woods, Cordie L 25 January 1911
Abercrombie, G. J. Hollander, Mary L 30 November 1933
Abercrombie, J. L. Collfrath, Marie L 5 February 1934
Abercrombie, Joseph Andrew Thomas, Lizzie L 2 December 1917
Abercrombie, Kenneth Armond Riddle, Carol Ann L 20 June 1964
Abercrombie, R. F. Price, V. A. L 25 February 1906
Abernathy, Albert Gray, Annie L 10 December 1919
Abernathy, George H. McCafferty, Mary L 14 July 1907
Abernathy, Harmon Turner, Jane * 13 November 1849
Abernathy, Herschel A. Lay, Betty Jean L 25 December 1949
Abernathy, Howard Lancaster, Nathana BL 28 June 1883
Abernathy, J. S. Massey, Annie L 8 July 1906
Abernathy, John F. Richey, Emily E. L 1 September 1853
Abernathy, Mastin C. Calloway, Sarah L 16 June 1850
Abernathy, Raymond F. Williamson, Betty W. L 27 November 1949
Abernathy, T. Cape Hagan, Mattie B. L 20 September 1896
Abernathy, W. C. Holland, Alice L 6 July 1913
Abernathy, W. E. Clemons, Susie Adline L 28 December 1892
Abernathy, Willie Holder, Lizzie L 28 September 1921
Abram, Ottis M. Powell, Lerlie Lee L 11 April 1927
Abrams, Hollin B. Fennel, Ida Lecky L 2 January 1940
Abrams, Luttie B. Paterson, Floys Imogene L 8 October 1948
Abshire, H. C. Moore, Bertha L 5 June 1935
Acklin, Isaac Williams, Louise L 21 March 1936
Acres, M.F. Foust, S. A. E. * 4 January 1855
Adair, A. H. New, Lara L 30 December 1917
Adair, Alton M. Stem, Lorene L 30 March 1939
Adair, Amos King, Sarah L 4 September 1920
Adair, Cercy Davis, Adron L 24 December 1917
Adair, Daniel V. Davidson, Annie Dean L 10 November 1929
Adair, Gary King Killen, Irma Joan L 26 May 1950
Adair, H. G. Urban, Exie L 4 December 1927
Adair, Ira C. Cannon, Wilma R. L 25 October 1946
Adair, R. L. Melton, Bertha L 7 March 1930
Adair, Rober Lonnie, Jr. Rochelle, Barbara Nell L 25 June 1966
Adair, Robert Gobble, Lemisue L 24 April 1941
Adair, Thomas R. Waits, Johnnie E. L 13 February 1949
Adair, W. G. Woodly, Katie L 10 August 1919