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Index for Marriage Records 1818-1969

This digital index was developed from the original indexes created by Kathy Niedergeses and former archives staff. Marriages from 1969 to the present will be added to the database in the future.

Note: When searching for full names, use: Last Name, First Name (or initial)

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Groom Bride Type Day Month Year
Alexander, Floyd Stewart, Ruby L 9 October 1930
Alexander, H. A. Kennedy, Elizabeth 16 February 1866
Alexander, H. H. North, Charlie Mayie L 24 November 1920
Alexander, Harvey A. Alford, Mehaley L 29 December 1829
Alexander, Henry Waddell, Louise L 22 December 1925
Alexander, Ira Neely, Alice L 18 May 1902
Alexander, J. B. Foster, Jinnie L 25 September 1899
Alexander, J. B. Gilliom, Allie L 22 December 1901
Alexander, James Alonzo Mabry, Gladys Marguerite L 16 April 1939
Alexander, James P. Lunn, Mary J. 1 September 1864
Alexander, James T. Alexander, Geneva Blanche L 22 March 1941
Alexander, James T. Griffin, Susan J. BL 9 December 1880
Alexander, Jesse Goff, Maud L 29 December 1907
Alexander, John Anderson, Susie L 11 April 1889
Alexander, John Ethridge, Leah BL 4 March 1880
Alexander, John B. Cash, Nancy E. BL 15 October 1860
Alexander, Mack Hampton, Mollie BL 8 August 1880
Alexander, Milton Clabon Holland, Evalyn Laverne L 18 September 1949
Alexander, P. M. Wilsford, Mary B 29 January 1872
Alexander, Rollie Claborn, Jr. Marston, Doris June L 5 March 1950
Alexander, Tom Simpson, May L 25 August 1918
Alexander, Walter Lowery, Virgie L 14 November 1916
Alexander, Walter B. Copeland, Martha E. L 22 November 1947
Alexander, Walter O. Brown, Grace M. L 13 February 1946
Alexander, William R. Thornton, Sarah * 23 March 1851
Alford R. B. Pace Birdie Bell L 15 October 1928
Alford, B. J. Moore, Estelle L 18 October 1903
Alford, Bobby Pace Sowell, Martha Ann L 14 April 1963
Alford, Eli H. Hanner, Elizabeth Jane BL 4 September 1844
Alford, Isaac W. Edmiston, Mary P. L 26 July 1831
Alford, J. B. Cole, Wilkin L 18 April 1894
Alford, J. R. Coffman, Mattie, Mrs. L 23 June 1928
Alford, James H. Austin, Virginia C. BL 29 March 1882
Alford, James M. Childress, Martha F. BL 21 December 1858
Alford, Jo H. Austin, Tennie E. BL 2 January 1876
Alford, Joseph Helton, Rebecca L 29 December 1856
Alford, R. N. Edmiston, M. A. L 23 July 1862
Alford, W. J. Hampton, Ella C. L 21 December 1892
Alford, William H. Johnson, Maggie J. 17 October 1875
Alldredge, Lewis Butler, Stella L 19 April 1925
Allen, Alvie Beard, Nooma L 26 June 1946
Allen, Andrew Kennedy, Lizzie L 20 September 1888
Allen, Arthur Lowery, Osy L 20 January 1921
Allen, B. H. (Benjamin) Parkes, M. Jane BL 26 September 1850
Allen, B. M. Elledge, Annie L 14 July 1925
Allen, Barney M. Gladney, Lesie Mae L 18 July 1936
Allen, Bennie Joe Kress, Mary Ann L 12 January 1957
Allen, Buford Lafan, Velma L 27 November 1921
Allen, Charles W. Methvin, Plura Minnie Moore L 5 March 1955
Allen, Clyde Arvin Morton, Mary Elizabeth L 16 June 1959