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Index to Deed Books A - H

This index currently includes Deed Books A – H, which were originally abstracted by Vicky L. Hutchings. The digital index is based on her work. More Deed Books will be added in the future as they are abstracted and/or digitally indexed. 

If you find an error compared to an original deed, please let us know. 

The original deed books are held by the Lawrence County Register of Deeds and can be viewed at their office. They have been microfilmed and digitized and copies are available by request.

The microfilmed deed books have also been digitized by FamilySearch, and are available for free on their website. For links and detailed instructions, see Digitized Records Online 

Note on language: For Bks. A-H, all identifiers and familial relationships, such “-exec.” and “-wife” are as specified in the deed abstracts from which this index was created. Where an enslaved person was named, that name has been included. If unnamed, any available identifying information has been used, e.g. “female – abt. 20,” “his wife,” or “and their children”. 

Note: When searching for full names, use: Last Name, First Name (or initial)

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Grantor Type Grantee Others Named Enslaved Persons Other Listed Owners Witnesses Book Page Dated Registered Notes
Commissioners of the Town of Lawrenceburg: Wasson, John Hicks, Charles Irvine, Josephus Deed Robson, Robert B 224-226 07-04-1827 08-08-1827
Buchanan, John Deed Lynam, John Prewitt, Mastin Bumpass, James Prewet, Mastin Irvine, Josephus B 226-228 04-01-1824 08-08-1827
Prince, Gilbert Deed Yarbrough, Ambrose McLemore, John C. Parnell, John B. Tutt/Truitt, Hansford B 229-231 09-16-1825 08-08-1827
Commissioners of the Town of Lawrenceburg: Wasson, John Hicks, Charles Irvine, Josephus Deed McClendon, Nathan B 231-233 07-05-1827 08-09-1827
Robson, Robert Deed Atkinson, Henry Simonton, Gilbreath F. Newton, M.D. Simonton, G.F. B 233-235 07-05-1827 08-09-1827
Commissioners of the Town of Lawrenceburg: Wasson, John Hicks, Charles Irvine, Josephus Deed Orr, Robert Weir, Andrew Davis, William B 236-238 07-05-1827 08-09-1827
Orr, Robert Power of Attorney Weir, Andrew Bumpass, A.W. Deavenport, Thomas D. B 239-240 06-28-1827 08-22-1827
Buchanan, M.H. Deed Walke, Wesley Peterson/Patterson, Dunkin H. Niell, Phillip B 24-25 07-04-1825 07-06-1825
McConnell, John Deed Choat, Aaron Jones, George W. Hillhouse, John Choat, Thomas B 240-242 01-12-1827 09-08-1827
Bumpass, A.W. Deed Lynam, John Bumpass, James Morrow, Benjamin Lucas, Willis Hamilton, John H. B 243-244 02-17-1827 09-11-1827
Waggoner, Peter Deed Belew, Rainey Bassham, James Bassham, Nathan B 245-246 04-02-1827 09-11-1827
Belew, Jacob Johnston, John C. Deed Belew, Zachariah McDonald, Alexander Newton, Robert Springer, Dennis B 247-249 03-15-1827 09-12-1827
McDonald, Alexander Deed Morrow, Benjamin DePriest, Green Bumpass Butcher, Joshua Bumpass, A.W. B 249-251 07-03-1827 09-12-1827
Choat, Aaron Deed Stribling, John B. Hanks, George Bumpass, A.W. Miller, Alexander B 25-26 05-14-1825 07-07-1825
Winn, Peter Bill of Sale Winn, Jefferson Betsey - abt. 20 Baldry/Bowdry, John Sessums, Alexander B 252-253 03-11-1822 09-20-1827
Sharp, Henry Deed Buchanan, M.H. Paine, Hardin Cottle, William B 253-254 08-15-1827 10-19-1827
Pike, Joshua Bill of Sale Walke, Ivey Safrine Dicey Winn, Peter Terrill, James B 255 01-22-1827 10-19-1827
McClendon, Nathan Deed Bumpass, A.W. Williams, Samuel H. Irvine McLemore Beaty, John Sellers, John B 256-257 07-20-1827 10-30-1827
McDonald, Alexander Deed Robson, Robert Lindsey, Sterling McClendon, Nathan Alexander, A.S. B 258-260 09-03-1827 10-31-1827
Irvine, Josephus Deed Smith, Elijah Cunningham, A.P. Cherry, W.W. B 261-263 07-19-1826 11-15-1827
Smith, Elijah Deed Smith, Solomon B. Bailey, A.B. Matthews, Thomas J. B 264-266 01-08-1827 11-16-1827
Smith, Elijah Deed of Gift Smith, Solomon - son Smith, Allen - son Smith, Chappell - son Smith, Margaret - dau. Smith, Nancy - dau. Ben Pegg Joshua Tolbert Maria Ruth McClendon, Nathan Leath, James B 266-268 08-31-1827 11-15-1827
Wasson, John Deed Heirs of May, Benjamin May, Benjamin Archer, George Wisdom, Pollard B 269-270 10-26-1826 12-06-1827
McDonald, Alexander Deed Wallis, Josiah Robertson, James Blackard, Levi B 27-28 01-04-1825 07-07-1825
Holland, Thomas Deed Ross, Loving Davis, William Melton, Elijah B 28-30 07-06-1825 07-10-1825
Cook, Isaac S.W. Deed Terrell, James Flornoy, William C. Harris, William R. B 30-31 07-06-1825 07-10-1825
Commissioners of the Town of Lawrenceburg: Irvine, Josephus Buchanan, M.H. Prewet, Martin Rogers, George Beeler, Daniel McClaren, John Wisdom, William Deed Cooke, Isaac S.W. Terrell, James Harris, W.R. B 31-32 07-06-1825 07-13-1825
Commissioners of the Town of Lawrenceburg: Irvine, Josephus Buchanan, M.H. Prewet, Martin Rogers, George Beeler, Daniel McClaren, John Wisdom, William Deed Holland, Thomas Buchanan, M.H. Tucker, Enoch B 33-34 04-07-1823 07-13-1825
McMahan, Samuel D. Deed Holland, Thomas LaCroix, Jacob Callaway, Hardin B 34-35 05-19-1825 07-17-1825
Scoles/Scales, Robert Deed Garner, John Harris, W.R. Irvine, Josephus B 36-37 07-06-1825 07-17-1825
Tipton, Edmund W. Deed Beaty, James Heirs of Falls, Gilbreath Davis, William Dickson, Robert C. B 38-39 12-12-1822 07-20-1825
Kilcrease, Davis Receipt of Note Lyons, Thomas B 40 11-15-1822 08-25-1825
McDonald, Alexander Deed Springer, William Springer, Thomas Rivers, Jonathan H. Tarpley, C.S. B 41-42 05-16-1825 08-25-1825
McDonald, Alexander Deed Vick, Jonas Irvine, Josephus Cunningham, A.P. Beaty, John B 42-43 10-05-1825 10-09-1825
Alsup, Thomas Deed Poteet, William Poteet, Samuel Springer, G.W. B 44-45 08-26-1825 10-09-1825
Alsup, Thomas Deed Powel, Benjamin Alsup, Anderson Caple, Littleton B 46-47 08-26-1825 10-09-1825
State of Tennessee Land Grant #20791 Deed Anglin, Aaron - assignee of Michie, James B 48-49 11-03-1823 10-09-1823
Anglin, Aaron Deed Cook, Charles Cooke, I.S.W. Anglin, Jesse Patterson, D.H. B 49-51 11-27-1824 10-10-1825
McDonald, Alexander McDonald, John Deed Dunlap, Samuel Brown, Andrew Campbell, Alexander B 5-6 03-02-1825 05-04-1825
Chambers, Elijah Patton Lock, Frances Chambers, Margaret Deed Hamilton, Andrew Chambers, Elijah Patton Chambers, Margaret Rutherford - wife Weatherford, Elisabeth Rutherford, Elisabeth Hart, James McCrowan, Joseph Donohoo, Charles Alexander, William B 51-53 08-02-1800 11-08-1825
Wright, James Wright, Elisabeth Deed Lock, Mathew Easley, Thomas Wright, John Hosett, Gressum B 54-55 08-02-1809 11-08-1825
Hamilton, Andrew, dec. Will Hamilton, Sarah - sister Hamilton, Esther - sister, dec. Hamilton, Margaret - sister, dec. Hamilton, Mary - sister Hamilton, Dory - sister Bowen, William - nephew Hamilton, John W. - bro. Hamilton, John W. - bro. Hamilton, Johnson Patrick - bro. Hamilton, Patrick - nephew Hamilton, John W. - exec. Alexander, William L. - exec. Hart, James Harris, Thomas Chambers, Patton Dublan Peter Alexander, Rice Sanders, Ethelbert Cunningham, Polly M. B 56-58 03-14-1815 11-09-1825
State of Tennessee Land Grant #19896 Land Grant Tracy, Erasmus - assignee of Graves, Ralph B 59-60 08-21-1823 12-04-1842
Buchanan, Maximilion H. Deed Buchanan, William Prewett, Mastin Bumpass, James Edmondson, John Paine, H. Lucas, William Lucas, Willis B 60-62 01-01-1900 12-17-1825 Missing Date
McDonald, Alexander Deed Stribling, John B. Bumpass, James Lucas, William Nail, Archer DePriest, Green B 62-64 04-04-1825 12-18-1825
Buchanan, Maximilion H. Deed Paine, Hardin Terrill/Sherrill, Abraham Tipton, E.W. Davis, William Stockton, D.H. B 64-66 10-16-1824 12-19-1825
Alsup, Thomas Deed Springer, John W. McDonald, Alexander Poteet, William Springer, Ephraim W. Springer, Thomas B 67-68 09-02-1825 12-20-1825
Kilcrease, Davis Agreement Pierce, Daniel Brown, Andrew Stockton, D.H. Archer, Berry B 69 02-09-1824 01-03-1826
Kilcrease, Davis Title Bond Smith, Joseph Pierce, Daniel Archer, Daniel B 69-70 05-04-1821 01-04-1826
McDonald, Alexander Deed Campbell, Isaac Campbell, Alexander Melton, William B 7-8 03-02-1825 03-04-1825