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Index to Deed Books A - H

This index currently includes Deed Books A – H, which were originally abstracted by Vicky L. Hutchings. The digital index is based on her work. More Deed Books will be added in the future as they are abstracted and/or digitally indexed. 

If you find an error compared to an original deed, please let us know. 

The original deed books are held by the Lawrence County Register of Deeds and can be viewed at their office. They have been microfilmed and digitized and copies are available by request.

The microfilmed deed books have also been digitized by FamilySearch, and are available for free on their website. For links and detailed instructions, see Digitized Records Online 

Note on language: For Bks. A-H, all identifiers and familial relationships, such “-exec.” and “-wife” are as specified in the deed abstracts from which this index was created. Where an enslaved person was named, that name has been included. If unnamed, any available identifying information has been used, e.g. “female – abt. 20,” “his wife,” or “and their children”. 

Note: When searching for full names, use: Last Name, First Name (or initial)

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Grantor Type Grantee Others Named Enslaved Persons Other Listed Owners Witnesses Book Page Dated Registered Notes
Williams, Fenner J. Security for Debt Ramsey, R.G. Simonton, William - creditor Craig, Johnson Jr. Tarkenton, J.A. H 65 06-06-1842 06-06-1842
Williams, James Security for Debt Allen, R.H. Simonton, William - creditor Henderson, R.G. McLean, S.D. H 66 06-14-1842 06-18-1842
McLauren, G.W. Security for Debt Herrin, Charles J. Evans, William W. - creditor Adeline - abt. 6 McDonald, Alexander Buchanan, F. Springer, Jonas H 67-68 06-15-1842 06-20-1842
McLaren, G.W. Bill of Sale Springer, Jonas Maria - abt. 22, and her son: Sam - abt. 13 months Buchanan, F. Evans, William W. H 68 06-15-1842 06-21-1824
Nixon, William Deed Nixon, John G. Nixon, George H. Nixon, John , dec. Rose, Solon E. Kosier, J.B. H 69 06-16-1842 06-22-1842
Heralston, Vincent Security for Debt Buchanan, William J. Evans, William W. - creditor Buchanan, M.H. Rose, S.E. H 7-8 12-23-1841 01-02-1842
Gilbert, William R. Security for Debt White, John Brashears, Robert - creditor Lackey, James Green, Willis H 70 06-30-1842 06-30-1842
Rembert, Alexander Security for Debt Rembert, Andrew - creditor Goforth - surveyor Thompson, Mathew M. Rembert, Alexander Thompson, David Buchanan, M.H. Smith, Daniel H 70-71 07-02-1842 07-02-1842
Brown, John Deed McLaren, George W. McDonald, Alexander Huston, Russell Friarson, Madison A. H 72-73 07-06-1841 07-04-1842
Matthews, Thomas J. Bill of Sale Douglas, H.L. Mary Ann Rose, Solon E. Nixon, George H. H 73 07-04-1842 07-04-1842
Stockton, Douglas H. , dec. Bumpass, A. W. - adm. Stockton, Josiah S. - adm. Deed Davis, William Dickson, Robert C. Bumpass, G. Parker, G.W. Kosier, J.B. Alderson, Taswell Bryant, James M. Deavenport, Thomas D. Huber, Jacob Robson, Robert Buchanan, F. Dickson, Sam Alexander, A.S. H 74-75 06-18-1842 07-13-1842
Dickson, Robert C. Security for Debt Nixon, G.H. Buchanan & Bumpass - creditor Busby, Stephanis - surety Stockton, D.H. , dec. Bumpass, A.W. - adm. Stockton, J.S. - adm. Bumpass, J.M. Stribling, J.B. H 75-76 07-14-1842 07-18-1842
Tarkenton, J.O. Security for Debt Straughan, C.C. Goff, Ira C. - creditor Kosier, J.B. Richards, G.W. H 77-78 07-16-1842 07-22-1842
Tarkenton, J.O. Bill of Sale Goff, Thomas Sinar - abt. 24, and her eldest son Charles - abt. 8 Sam - 5 Sarah Catherine - 6 months Allin, R.H. Goff, D.A. H 78 07-17-1842 07-22-1842
Petty, William B. Deed Benthal, William McDonald, A. Edmiston, William A. Counce, Peter H 79 07-23-1842 07-24-1842
Bumpass, James , dec. Bumpass, A.W. - exec. Buchanan, M.H. - exec. Bill of Sale Buchanan, M.H. Henry Hill, Allin Edmiston, William A. H 8-9 12-30-1841 01-02-1842
Allen, Richard H. Deed of Gift Matthews, Thomas J. Matthews, Mary T. - wife, dau. of Richard H. Allen Children of Matthews, Mary T. and former husband Stockard, Sary J. Stockard, James R. Stockard, Silas A. Sary - abt. 15 Simonton, E.J. H 80-81 09-24-1841 07-29-1842
Dickson, Samuel Security for Debt Edmiston, William A. Alford, A.W. - creditor Parish, R.D. Lucus, George C. H 81-82 08-06-1842 08-08-1842
McCann, Artis Security for Debt Lindsey, E.N. Stephenson, John - creditor Beeler, Robert H - surety Beeler, Willam H. Lucus, G.H. Hill, H.L. H 82-83 08-06-1842 08-08-1842
McClaren, George W. Security for Debt Herrin, Charles J. Evans, William W. - creditor Brown, John Heirs of Kilcrease, D. Adaline Rogers, William Buchanan, F. Fondren, J. H 83-84 08-13-1842 08-19-1842
Evans, William W. Relinquishment of slave Blue, Archibald McClaren, George W. Herrin, Charles L. Adaline Basham, W.R. Buchanan, F. H 85 08-13-1842 08-19-1842
Evans, William W. Deed Voss, William Matthew, Thomas J. Tinnen, John H. H 85-86 12-18-1838 08-22-1842
Williams, Bridges Deed Eastes, John Mitchell, John McLean, Samuel Hall, Thomas Day, H. Buchanan, R.F. Kirk, William P. H 86-87 08-26-1842 08-26-1842
Hendricks, John Security for Debt Allen, Richard W. Woltnes, George - credit Stribling, John Buchanan, R.F. H 88-89 08-29-1842 08-29-1842
Carter, Jacob Deed Lindsey, E.N. Davis, William Buchanan, R.F. H 89-90 09-05-1842 09-05-1842
Lucas, William Bill of Sale Dotson, Ebenezer B. Robin - abt. 13 Rose, S.E. Dotson, H.C. H 9 01-04-1842 01-04-1842
Craig, Johnston Sr. Security for Debt Dickson, Sam Pickard, A.L. - creditor Alexander, A.L. Dickson, Robert C. H 90-91 09-06-1842 09-06-1842
LaCroix, Jacob Deed Stephenson, John Hanks, George Dotson, E.B. Love, Matthew H 91-92 09-09-1842 09-14-1842
Alford, J.W. - Constable for Lawrence Co. Settlement for Debt Hicks, W.E. Williams, Robert - debtor Darcus Matthews, S.J. Edmiston, James E. H 92-93 09-08-1842 09-14-1842
Hicks, William C. Bill of Sale Alford, Isaac W. Darcus - abt. 50 Alford, E.M. Edmiston, James E. H 93 09-08-1842 09-14-1842
Bradley, William M. Bradley, Sion Deed Millstead, Aaron McDonald, A. McDonald, J. Sandy, Henry Nippers, Isaac H 94-95 03-21-1842 09-14-1842
Millstead, Aaron Deed Sandy, Henry McDonald, A. McDonald, J. Williams, John Davis, Thomas H 95-96 09-09-1842 09-15-1842
Askew, L.B. Bill of Sale Stephenson & Dotson Isabella - abt. 25, and her child: Adaline - abt. 1 Dickson, Robert C. Estes, Calvin H 96 09-16-1842 09-16-1842
Philips, A.M. Security for Debt Gwilliams, Travis - creditor Hayes, F.M. Lindsey, E.N. H 97 09-15-1842 09-17-1842
Fondren, John - Sheriff of Lawrence Co. Settlement of Debt Williams, Bridges Williams, Travis - debtor Williams, K.C. - debtor Kirk, William P. , dec. - debtor Perry - abt. 22 Buchanan, F. Buchanan, M.H. H 98 09-17-1842 09-17-1842
McKnight, William Jr. Security for Debt Fullerton, James H. Bentley, Daniel - creditor Kosure, J.B. Bentley, L. Mino H 98-99 09-22-1842 09-23-1842