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Index for Loose Court Records

Note: When searching for full names, use: Last Name, First Name (or initial)

Currently Includes: County Court through 1869 and Chancery Court 1840 – 1879

All court records up to 1919 were originally indexed by Kathy Niedergeses, with assistance from former archives staff. The digital format of the index was developed from her work. 

Under Construction: This database will eventually include all existing every-name indexes for all three courts: county, chancery, and circuit. In the future, indexes for additional decades will be added as they are created or as revisions are completed.


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Plaintiff(s) Type(s) Defendant(s) Case Details Date Court Case Number
Myers, Perry, dec. ; Myers, Peter V. ; McCutching, William ; McCutching, Diannah Myers ; Shay, John D. ; Shay, Mary J. Myers ; Myers, William Gordon ; Troyboy, John W. ; Troyboy, Margret Myers ; Myers, Martha ; Myers, Edith Elizabeth ; Campbell, Bradley ; Campbell, Ellen Catherine Myers ; Myers, James Madison Petition to Sale Land Myers, George W. H. ; Myers, Nancy L. C ; Sowell, H. B. - guardian ; Myers, Elizabeth To sale land, pay debts & divide proceeds among heirs 1879 - 1880 Chancery
McLaren, R. L. Deposition Cook, Boliver VS Pierce, W. A. 1879 Chancery
National Bank of Pulaski VS Parkes, William J. et als 1879 Chancery
Nixon, W. T. Deposition Cook, Boliver VS Pierce, W. A. 1879 Chancery
Parkes, William Deposition Cook, Boliver VS Pierce, W. A. 1879 Chancery
Rose, R. H. Deposition Cook, Boliver VS Pierce, W. A. 1879 Chancery
Rose, S. E. Deposition Davis, C. B. VS Simonton, William 1879 Chancery
Schneider, George VS Schenck, Lawrence, dec. ; Schenck, Mary ; Harvey, R. H. ; Allen, John T. 1879 Chancery
Shirley, Alice A. Deposition Buchanan, W. J., Jr. VS Simonton, William 1879 Chancery
Simms, N. B. Deposition Cook, Boliver VS Pierce, W. A. 1879 Chancery
Smith, T. M. Deposition Myers, Perry VS Myers, George W. H. 1879 Chancery
Springer, Jacob, dec. ; Springer, Jonas - adm. Probate ; Petition Lumpkins, James M. & ; McLain, William - execs. of ; Lumpkins, W. H., dec. ; Austin, P. G. To collect money due 1879 Chancery
Springer, Jacob, dec. ; Busby, W. M. ; Busby, Nancy C. Springer ; Lumpkins, W. J. ; Lumpkins, Caledonia Springer ; Owensby, Samuel ; Owensby, Ruthy J. Springer ; Springer, Samuel B. - heirs: ; Springer, W. A. ; Springer, Thomas C. ; Hall, Amanda - heirs: ; Hall, James F. ; Hall, Andrew J. ; Hall, William ; Parkes, William ; Belew, W. J. ; Lumpkins, Sarah H. - heirs: ; Lumpkins, Sarah C. ; Lumpkins, James T. ; Lumpkins, W. S. ; Chapman, Mary A - heirs: ; Chapman, L. B. ; Chapman, Mary P. Probate ; Petition Springer, Jonas - adm. ; Lumpkins, J. M. ; Rose, R. H. Sues adm. for waste 1879 - 1892 Chancery
Sykes, H. M. Deposition Leffel, Mary A. VS Meredith, R. L. 1879 Chancery
Sykes, W. H. Deposition Cook, Boliver VS Pierce, W. A. 1879 Chancery
Ward, Sarah, Caroline - by ; Rodgers, John Petition Thurman, Riley B. ; Ward, James H. To declare sale of land null & void 1879 - 1885 Chancery
Williams, M. A. D. F. Divorce Williams, Thomas Not Microfilmed 1879 Chancery
Inman, William Deed Griffin, Blewford G. 1895 County
Higgs, Jesse Land Entry Grant #22263 - 80 Acres & 8 Poles In Range 3 & Section 3 on Sugar Creek 1951 County
Stewart, Colden S. - minor heir of ; Stewart, William, dec. Guardian Bond Sparkman, James C. - guardian ; Bondsman: ; Scott, James H. 1956 County
Nichols, J. A. Deposition Christian, T. T. VS Nichols, John A. 1959 Chancery